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Headbanger Cranky Shad 2.5"

The HEADBANGER Cranky Shad combines an edgy, erratic, and evasive side-to-side Headbanger action with a powerful low frequency vibration that displaces a lot of water and makes it easy to detect for nearby predators. All created by the patented Action Lip.

The Cranky Shad features rattle balls, realistic eyes, as well as internal holographic foils and transparent outer body paints that give the lure depth and a natural look.

This is an outstanding multi-species lure where a simple, straight retrieve produces an amazing swimming action that can be further enhanced with pauses and twitches. It is suitable for shallow spin fishing, or for targeting pelagic predators. The erratic action also makes it an outstanding trolling lure that can be weighted or downrigged to reach desired depth.

Length: 2.5"
Weight: 1/3 oz
Buoyancy: Slow sink
Depth: 1-5 ft
Hooks: VMC 7548 #6 and #8


Wire-through-body construction

Premium VMC hooks

Patented Swedish invention & design