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Headbanger Tail Suspending

The suspending Headbanger Tail is a true pike and muskie seducer. You can vary your depth between 1-3 m by adjusting your rod tip position, the amount of line out and your retrieval speed. The lure hangs in the water when you pause your retrieval. If you retrieve it and do a jerk stop, the lure will turn straight to the side and stare any following predator provocatively in the eye and surely trigger a strike! 

A hybrid of hard and soft, the Headbanger Tail has an insane swimming action with obvious non-repetitive movements that gives hesitating pike a real challenge. It is very responsive and vivid at slow speed but can handle slower trolling speed as well.

The lure is made of ABS plastic, has a full wire-through-body construction and is equipped with rattle balls of different sizes for a fuller sound. The lure is lead-free and the weights inside are made of stainless steel. 

  • Length: 23 cm / 9"
  • Weight: 53 g / 1.87 oz
  • Fishing depth: 1.5-3 m / 5-10 ft
  • Premium VMC 9655 PS hooks
  • Hook sizes: #1/0 in belly and #1 in tail